Ladies and gentlemen, back by popular demand we are delighted to announce the return of our annual paint explosion – our paint fight. A cacophony of colour painting the sky and branding the land.

For those of you not yet acquainted with this finest of traditions let us draw you in:

A sea of white stretches out in front of the stage.

The tension builds as the tune gets louder. Heart beats rise with the beat of the bass. Paint in hands, ready, locked and loaded and the music crescendos.

Unbearable energy sears through the crowd. Anticipation and the energy build. Feet stomp quicker and then…. And then…. The Drop.

A dizzying, kaleidoscopic snowstorm erupts and paint rains down. Frenzied arms launch pillars of colour skywards. Lifelong friends turn on each other as they scrambled on the ground in search of ammunition.

The music rolls on. And the party begins.

Sound alright? Ready for war? Here’s some helpful advice from experienced hands for you to make the most of it:

  • Mother was right – carry protection. Face masks, gas masks, skiing google and glasses. Any of these will help. All of them will work.
  • Wear white. Maybe not your mother’s vintage, wedding dress. This is war after all. But white, yes, and ridiculous outfits are always encouraged!
  • Bring your dancing feet, your ‘A’ game and a healthy supply of wet wipes….this colours gonna get everywhere.

See you on the battlefield, ‘friend’.