2019 Fancy Dress Theme

For ten wonderful years

We’ve gathered together,

Through sunny days

And inclement weather.


We’ve waltzed with strangers,

Reeled with friends,

Convinced the dream,

would never end.


But our epic journey

Is not yet done,

Our final chapter

Is still to come


The circus is coming

For one final show –

But what should you wear?

Read on and you’ll know!


The theme this year is –

Anything Goes

From dragon heads

To hats on your toes


All are welcome –

come one, come all!

To the mighty and final




up and run free –

And dress as whatever

you want to be!


Dive into your head

And see what you find –

The best ideas

Are easily mined


This is your time,

Your chance to impress

Dig out your gowns;

Your Sunday best


Just one requirement

We must ask

This is a ball –

Please wear a MASK!


So gather your finery,

Choose what to wear,

Cover your face

And for mischief prepare!


Join us from near

Or join us from far,

For the big finale,

Our last hurrah,


We’ll gather once more,

at our pastoral abode,

Dressed to the nines in

our finest clothes,


So now it’s time,

for one final cheer:

At the pinnacle of

our partying career,


We’ll celebrate,

And dance all night,

Embracing each other

in Spring’s moonlight,


So, now we make our final call

To come and celebrate HogSozzle

A weekend of merriment open to all,

Our Magnus Opus, our Grand Masquerade Ball