2018 Fancy Dress Theme

Fairy Tales and Fantasy

HogSozzle Awakens’ 


From ages past to modern myth

See creatures penned by each wordsmith

Rise from the pages of childhood

And journey deep into the wood

Down rabbit hole, through looking glass

See giants, elves and centaurs pass

Pied Piper playing, fauns in tow

And we can show you where they go

Pass through the wood, across the loch

But watch out for the Jabberwock

You hear the drum beat far away?

Tonight that’s where we’re going to play

Around us shapes writhe in the mist, as

Beasts and beauties dance and twist;

From elf to orc to Minotaur –

The wondrous beings of all folklore!

The werewolf howls – we’re getting near

Now hear the masses shout and cheer

See Kraken smile, see Gargoyle laugh

As Gandalf waves his mighty staff

A monstrous flash! Thick fog unfold

Our destination you behold

The place where life is never dull

The magic land of Hogsozzle

The dragons breath will light the way

On this our great unveiling day

Imagine this menagerie

At our grand ball who will you be?

Imagination up and run

Mischievous mind come out for fun

Come unicorn! Come lairy freak!

Come age-old rhyme and Ancient Greek

And join us on this Odyssey

Uncloak your curiosity

And roam the land we’ve built for thee…

Of Fairy Tales and Fantasy