“The choppy guitar, the discreet brass, the clipped, hashtag-reductive spurned-lover lyric (“You’re so vain / Drive me insane”) screams, or rather coolly radiates, peak-period Nile Rodgers/Bernard Edwards or early Madonna (same difference).” – The Guardian

Bounding out of the sleepy town of Matlock with unapologetic zeal comes this vital electronic trio. Patawawa blend blood pumping beats, glittered guitar riffs and biting basslines and maintain a healthy knack for alliteration.

The three-piece have crafted a sound that stays true to the classic neon roots of funk and disco intrinsic to the dancefloors of the 1970’s, but dressed with a trademark small town cheekiness that can only be born of the quiet hills of Derbyshire.

2016 saw them playing a string of support slots with EKKAH, the go! team, Youngr and Prides, that were so sickeningly fun, a school headmaster would have forbidden them. They also released their EP Hold Tight PT 2 on Soundplate records which, in addition to original tracks, included foot tapping remixes with French Horn Rebellion, Blue Satellite and TWOGOOD.

This year, expect a slew of new material that will rival the disco pioneers of the seventies in addition to a headline show at The Old Blue Last in London that would see disco moves put those in a typical Boogie Nights scene to shame