Canopy Presents is the brainchild of Jenna Jardine and Luke Thurnham – an immersive production company bringing you decorated spaces in interesting places alongside an exciting and diverse selection of DJs (playing Disco, Baile Funk, Qgom, Garage, UK Funky, Tribal House, Afrobeats, and Percussion drenched Techno) to dance and lose oneself to.

We like themes, we like dancing, we like a bit of dress up and we really like fostering a sense uninhibited freedom in great spaces were people can feel relaxed and safe to behave a little more wildly than usual. Canopy began, naturally, as we both found more and more that the parties we had most fun at were the ones that we had some involvement in. Either through the production and creation of the event or through performing at it. Basically, when we’d had a hand in making one, it was easier for us to have a good time.

This year, we’re thrilled to be bringing this aesthetic to Hogsozzle – fantasy Sunday night forest incoming… With decades of partying and planning under both our belts we can confidently say we’ve got a great eye for a wild party.