Beautifully Crafted began life as a Facebook group towards the end of 2012. The idea behind it was to have place for a group of friends to post and talk about tunes from the seemingly forgotten golden era of Jungle Drum & Bass from the ’90s.

We didn’t attract many people to the group for the first 6-12 months as we did not share it around the Internet. It simply existed to 30 or so people and that was it for it’s first year. 

Fast forward to the end of 2013 and our SoundCloud page was born, kick starting the ‘Volume’ series of mixes, that would go on until the present day.

It was from this point that Beautifully Crafted as it is today started to take shape. The FaceBook group began to attract people daily and within a matter of weeks, the group had exploded to almost 1000 people. It attracted a mixture of original 90’s rave goers, still obsessed with the first incarnation of Jungle music; today’s generation of Drum & Bass heads looking to school themselves  about this great scene and to add to that, the group was also frequented by some of the musics biggest DJ’s and producers, talking about their favourite tracks from over the years and some were even imparting knowledge on how some of the classics were made!

It became the go to social hub for what seemed like a small, underground scene. People were sharing music, some were discovering 20 year old tunes for the first time. Classic set recordings were being uploaded and celebrated. Information and experiences were being passed about daily. 

In addition to that, the LLBCJ group was a platform for people to talk about some of the unreleased but not forgotten holy grails this scene gave birth to back in the early-mid 90s. The group was not directly responsible for some of this music now coming out but it definitely played a part in helping some of the artists, who had fallen out of touch with the music, realise that there was still a significant, loyal and large following of people who still cared about the underground, authentic side of Jungle. 

Skip a few years to the present day and the group is now 16,000 people strong and still growing daily. It has spread around the world with people from all countries getting involved in daily discussions and debates. 

Aside to the FaceBook group, Beautifully Crafted has also stepped into the world of promoting, which was always inevitable, what with the crew who created BC being DJ’s and producers themselves.

We have held several of our own nights at clubs in London, the first night back in May 2014 and have collectively and individually been invited to play at other similar nights in London, including Rupture, Distant Planet and Kapow.